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“Mobility and modernization: Change and renewal in the world of the future”
Berlin, Germany, June 24th- 27th, 2018

The Canadian Parking Foundation is pleased to announce that the eleventh bi-annual World Parking Symposium will be held at the Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin from June 24th to 27th, 2018.  The Symposium will address selected issues in urban parking, transportation, community mobility and planning. Our web site is updated regularly, and we will be providing conference details as they are developed.  The World Parking Symposium provides an opportunity to meet in a discussion forum with urban transportation colleagues from around the world.  Presentation notes, discussion papers, published documents, and other materials presented at previous Symposia in The Netherlands, U.S.A., Germany, Israel, Canada, and the United Kingdom are available in our Virtual Library.



The World Parking Symposium Series of Conferences is presented by the Canadian Parking Foundation.


The Canadian Parking Foundation is a non-profit group dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, innovation, and understanding of community parking and transportation issues through sponsorship of education, research, and dialogue.   For more information about the Foundation and the Canadian Parking Association, please visit


The Foundation presents the Symposium as a forum for the discussion of parking and transportation policy issues around the world. Its initial intent was to provide an opportunity for senior level administrators, technologists, researchers, and consultants involved in parking and transportation policy development to meet together for enlightened discourse in a focused and collegial environment. As the Symposium has grown, the appeal has broadened, but the focus remains on forward oriented research and policy issues that will stimulate creativity, innovation and development in the transportation service sector.  The Foundation is selective in its choice of venue and presentation material, and the papers presented are published as Proceedings following the Symposium. Dialogue is the soul of the Symposium and attendance is restricted to a maximum of 150 individuals to preserve intimacy and collegiality.


The World Parking Symposium will be of interest to professional parking, transportation and urban development administrators, planners, operators, technologists, researchers, and consultants who wish to advance their own theories, knowledge, and networks while participating with their colleagues in the development of new solutions for the global community.


The Foundation is now accepting submissions for papers and presentations focusing on the role of parking and transportation in making connections, managing relationships, linking services, and managing access to land and space to create mobility solutions in the modern world.  Presentations should be of a practical or theoretical nature.  Commercial presentations will not be accepted.

Presentations will be 40 minutes in length.  A facilitated plenary session will also be held at the end of each day.

Expression of interest should include:

  • Title of presentation
  • Author’s brief bio of 30 words
  • Author’s information including name(s), title, organization, mailing address, email address, and phone number
  • Short abstract of approximately 100 words in Word format


Transportation, mobility, planning and parking interact to facilitate movement of people, goods and services, to create reliable patterns of industry, agriculture, commerce and security, and establish equitable relationships between communities and nations. Transportation and parking brings people together and drives our evolution toward an ever shrinking and integrating world. A few short years ago, the patterns of evolution were thought to be well established; trade agreements in Europe and North America were successful, the developing world was modernizing at a rapid rate, and old nationalist and religious concepts seemed to be fading from the common conscience. Suddenly, all of that has changed. How will we cope with resurgent nationalism and trade protectionism? What will happen to the economies leaving their trade groups, what are they seeking and what will they find? How has migration, urbanization, and community densification affected our communities and how is that likely to change in the future? How will parking and transportation fit into an emerging world that suddenly looks very different than it did a few short years ago?

Suggested topics for presentations include:

  • Parking and transportation programs in developing economies
  • Trade after Brexit – implications for transport and commerce
  • Planning for autonomous vehicles
  • Is Parking fading? Is it all Mobility now?
  • International Travel Restrictions and impacts on mobility and development
  • Parking and Transportation Relationships in a Divided World
  • Parking Industry Relationships and International Cooperation
  • Communications and Information Transfer in Protectionist Times
  • Community Development; too much density?
  • The Economics of Trump, Transport and Parking
  • Networking in the New World Order
  • The Top 10 Things to Consider as we plan our next decade
  • Further, Faster, Better; Still achievable?
  • Pedestrian, Cycling, Parking and Roadway Resources  


Submissions will be reviewed for quality, current interest, and topicality; sales presentations will not be considered.  Not all submissions will be selected for presentation.  
Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2017.  
Submitters will be contacted by September 22nd latest.

Please submit your proposals in abstract form to:

For written submissions please contact:

Doreen Ostrowski
Polestar Meeting Group Inc.
284 Withrow Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4J 1B7

All accepted presenters are required to register for the symposium, pay the required registration fee, and cover their own travel costs.

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